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Devta Shringa Rishi ji at Banjar

Rishi Shringa is considered the ruling deity of the Banjar Valley. This valley is believed to have been the Rishi`s `tapa bhoomi`. According to fabled stories, there was a `pindi` (sacred stone) located in the forest of Skeeran. The pindi urged every bystander to install itself in a temple. The village folk finally constructed a temple in the Skeeran forest. But then they found it really hard to travel there for worship. Therefore, they built another temple of Rishi Shringa in Bagi village. The freshly erected Shringa Rishi temple is 12km from the original erstwhile one. The deity is placed in its chariot all the time. The new temple is built in the pagoda and Pahari style of architecture. Wooden work in the temple is exclusive, worth a visit. The idol in the sanctum is composed of brass and stone. The Shringa Rishi temple however remains closed during the winters.--

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