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Manikaran is ar ( 1,700 metres ) 45 km. According to legend, Manikaran is also associated with Lord Shiva and his divine consort, Parbati, who lost and recovered her ear rings here. Legend has it that once when Shiva and Parbati were relaxing by the river. Parbati's ear rings fell nto the water. The lord of another world ( Patal Nagari ) named Shesh Nag took possession of them and despite Parvati's pleas, he refused to hand them back. However when all the gods prevailed upon him, he snorted them out of his nostrils, causing a boiling fountain of water to erupt. the jewels thus returned. There are temples of Ramchandra and Shiva besides the Gurudwara. This place is famous for hot water springs. Thousands of people take a dip in its hot water. The main water is so hot that Dal ( pulses ), Rice, Vegetables etc. can be boiled in it--

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Himachal Pradesh is major choice for tourism destinations in India. Rich with natural beauty , In Himachal Pradesh there are a lot of beautiful rivers, lakes, Valley views, Hills, Forests etc which no one would like to miss ever.

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Shoja is a wonderful hidden splendor amidst Banjar valley. There are temples with pent-roofs and others with pyramidal roofs.